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Louis Karchin

Mr. Karchin likes to explore wide harmonic worlds, but with precision
and determination.

Paul Griffiths,
The New York Times

With composer Elliott Carter and soprano Kate Lindsey, after conducting Mr. Carter's In the Distances of Sleep
Photo: Ron Gordon
With Thomas Meglioranza, Steven Ebel, and Katrina Thurman, performing Karchin's opera, Romulus
Photo: Richard Termine

Even in the very infrequent moments of repose there is the obvious desire to be moving — building in the background, waiting for the moment to burst forth and sweep all before — that recalls Beethoven. In addition to the sheer energy of his music, Karchin also possesses a striking a melodic style that intrigues the ear even as the music is threatening to rush the listener off his or her metaphorical feet with its vivid and seductive use of instrumental color.
John Story,
Fanfare Magazine